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University of Wisconsin, USA

Same Clostridium botulinum bacteria type A Hall Strain

Dr. Scott & Prof. Hiroshi Sugiyama did research in the University of Wisconsin, USA. Dr. Yinchun Wang was a visit scholar in this university.

Dr. Scott

Dr. Scott developed Oculinum®.


Oculinum® was manufactured by Oculinum Inc. and distributed by Allergan Inc. in late 1970s.

The American brand

The Allergan Inc. bought Oculinum Inc. from Dr. Scott in 1991 and changed the brand name of Oculinum® to the American brand.


Prof. Sugiyama

Prof. Sugiyama from University of Wisconsin donated the Clostridium botulinum bacteria type A Hall Strain to Dr. Yinchun Wang in 1984.

Dr. Yinchun Wang

Dr. Wang is the developer of BTXA in the Lanzhou Institute of Biological Product of China with the bacteria Hall Strain obtained from the University of Wisconsin. The package inserts of Oculinum® as well as the American brand nowadays still quoted Dr. Yinchun Wang's research paper as their references.



Wang YC, Zhuang H, Huang BG. Preparation of Type A Botulinum Crystalline Toxin for Therapeutic and Establishment of an Experimental Animal Model. Journal of Biological Products. 1990;3(3):121-25.

Other brand names of BTXA™

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